Famous London Recording Studios

London Recording Studios: Eternalizing Art since the 1900s



A common misconception about recording studios is that they are for large organizations, and that individual people do not have the money, or ability to access them. This view may be accurate for some larger studios, but not for all. A recording studio is a place to record any type of creative flow that anyone perceives as art. Most of the time, owners of recording studios have a deep appreciation for audio art, and will record anything that they believe is creative, original, and valuable. This extends to all acts, known or unknown, small or large. One will find that every recording studio is different, and cater their services to suit the demands of large-scale orchestras, to individual solo artists.

Famous London Recording Studios

London is easily one of the most important cities in the world for producing contemporary music. Over the last century, recording studios have continued to spring up all across the city, working to spread artistic creativity to all corners of the globe. Some of the most famous London recording studios includes: Abby Road Studios, Apple Beam Recording Studios, the Chapel Studios, and Mews Production. Each of these famous London recording studios has their own specific recording method that makes it unique, and specializes their product in their own specific way.

Mews Productions

Of all the recording studios in London, Mews Production is possibly the one that comes at the greatest value. They were established in 1990, and since then they have strived to cater for the needs of all singers, songwriters and musicians. Mews production is professional musicians who truly care about delivering a high standard of service to all people, whether you are a master musician, or just beginning your musical career. They recognize that good quality music can be produced on all levels. Unlike many other established recording studios, Mews Productions covers a variety of styles ranging from pop, R&B, hip hop, dance, rock, blues, jazz, soul, dubstep, reggae, and much more. They also offer the same online services that Apple Beam studios offers. Their quality and range of service, affordable rates, and willingness to cater to all clients makes Mews Production the go-to place for singers and songwriters.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios is possibly the most famous London recording studios. It has an unparalleled history of recording, and has worked with some of the world’s most legendary artists, producers, composers, and orchestras. It has been the centerpiece of the United Kingdom’s music industry for about 8 decades. It has repeatedly received awards for its musical engineering, high-quality acoustic rooms, and classical vintage equipment. In 2010, the British government granted it English Heritage Grade II list status, which would prevent the building from any type of major alterations. Their intention was to make the building a part of their history. Abby Road Studios is recording studio is an excellent studio for major record labels and musicians. Sadly, Small time musicians don’t have much of a chance landing a recording session here.

Apple Beam

Most famous London recording studios charge their client by how many hours they use their studio for. They will find whatever means possible to extend their client’s time in the studio in order to maximize their profit. Apple Beam Studios offers a unique selling point in this regard by offering part of the music production online. Their clients can send in a music sample online in order to better orient the studio in the direction that they would like their music to go. This cuts out the preliminary process of music production so that the time artists spend in Apple Beam studios will be reduced, and they can focus more on the actual recording part. Their devotion to customer service has led them to have the opportunity to work with major labels such as Sony, EMI, Island records and Nintendo, while their creed of ‘no job is too small’ allows them to work with individuals, and upcoming musicians or labels.

Chapel Studios

Chapel Studios offers one of the most technologically advanced recording systems in the entire world. This enables them to offer a wide variety of different services, including, but not limited to, high quality production, recording, mixing, voice-overs, video productions, overdubbing, etc. This allows them to deliver whatever their client’s desire. They are an excellent contemporary productions facility, and their range of client’s goes from major labels to solo artists.

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