Mews Productions has been involved with the recording of jingles and voice-overs for the last five years. Projects that we have worked on include, radio adverts, motivation, corporate and meditation CDs.

Our extensive experience with recording and producing voice-overs makes us an excellent choice for all your voice-over projects. Having recorded hundreds of jingles, ads and narratives we have the experience needed to make every voice-over session a success.

Mews Productions can also supply voice-over artist’s to record your script.

Many of the voice-over projects we have completed have been broadcast nationally and internationally.

A recent example is the voice-over for multiple award winning short drama ‘It follows me around’ for Childline, produced by Elliott Cranmer at www.shootmedia.co.uk.

It has won in 2013: 2 Golds at the British Arrows (2013) in best over 90 second web based film and best charity, IVCA Gold – Best film, Bronze Lion in the Cannes Lions for Long Format Internet Film, APA top 50 ads of 2012.

Arsenal ‘Future’- voiceover recorded at Mews Productions for www.shootmedia.co.uk

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